Conference Update: re Silent Auction

I bet you have heard the phrase “every little bit helps” and “many hands make light work” well that really holds true when we are planning a conference.

The Silent Auction is a huge source of fundraising for our D21 Spring Conference, April 20 to 21, Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna.

Our Conference Team Auction Chair is Mary-Lou Bailey, 778-214-2931  and she is hard at work contacting all the Area Directors to inspire a donation in the form of an Area Basket – a tried and true success formula from past conferences.

However, that does not stop or prevent individuals or businesses from donating.   May I suggest it is a perfect time to regift that item that is taking up space in your closet or storage room and (as along as it wasn’t a Toastmaster who gave it to you) this is a guilt free way to regift, recycle, and reward yourself with space.

Suggestions: Books, art work, wine, candles, ornaments, – the list is endless…..

Maybe you received a gift certificate of some sort that you cannot or have no desire to use – donate it to the Silent Auction.

Please contact Mary-Lou Bailey at 778-214-2931  and let her know she gladly will prepare a bid sheet and collect your donation.

Imagine the Possibilities and Create Your Path

Many thanks from the Conference Co-Chairs!

Marion Gushue-Geiger, DTM  &  Caroline Ivey, CC CL