Overcoming Speech Paralysis & Emotional Eruptions

Category: Personal Development

Have you ever been delivering a speech where words just wouldn’t come out of your mouth?

Have you ever been delivering a speech where tears took over?


With humourous stories, tips, tricks and practical exercises, Suzanne Robinson shares her own experiences with these types of challenges and how she overcame them.


Our Presenter: Suzanne Robinson

• Suzanne has been a Toastmaster since Valentine’s Day, February 2000
• Charter member of Midnight Madness
• In 2006 she was Area Governor for D21 Area 92, in Div. K.
• In 2007 Suzanne was Division K Governor for the Fraser Valley and was awarded Division Governor of the Year
• Apart from Toastmasters, Suzanne is HR at WeatherSolve Structures, an avid gardener at Yewstone gardens, channeler, healer and artist and in 2009 published a book of over 350 pages called Soul Gardening.