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  • Do your hands start sweating and your legs shake with the thought of having to not only attend a business networking session but … actually talk to people ?
  • Do you feel paralyzed by the fear of rejection when you are at a business networking event?
  • Would you rather have a root canal than attend a business networking event?
  • Would you rather send an e-mail to a business lead than meet them in person and actually talk to them face to face? 

    Power Networking For Shy People: Tips & Techniques for Moving from Shy to Sly! by Rae. A. Stonehouse


    “Get over it!” That’s what our extroverted friends would say. “Just do what we do!”

    Life isn’t that simple. We aren’t all extroverts and it would probably be a noisy world if we were.

    Being shy isn’t a personal defect.

    You aren’t the only one out there, even if it feels like it sometimes. The world is full of shy people and that doesn’t prevent you from being an effective networker and reaping the benefits that networking can bring to your business.


In this entertaining and interactive presentation, Rae Stonehouse, (former shy guy) shares tips & techniques that he developed while researching his book Power Networking For Shy People: Tips & Techniques for Moving From Shy to Sly!


This educational session explores the fundamentals of relationship networking. If you don’t have the added challenge of being shy, you will likely find it easier to use the tips & techniques to strengthen the networking and relationship building skills that you already have.


Our Speaker: Rae Stonehouse DTM, PDG (Past District Governor 07-08)Rae Stonehouse DTM

Rae A. Stonehouse (as featured on Amazon) is a Canadian born author & speaker. His professional career as a Registered Nurse working predominantly in psychiatry/mental health, has spanned four decades.

Rae has embraced the principal of CANI (Constant and Never-ending Improvement) as promoted by thought leaders such as Tony Robbins and brings that philosophy to each of his publications and presentations.

Rae has dedicated the latter segment of his journey through life to overcoming his personal inhibitions. As a 24+ year member of Toastmasters International he has systematically built his self-confidence and communicating ability. He is passionate about sharing his lessons with his readers and listeners. His publications thus far are of the self-help, self-improvement genre and systematically offer valuable sage advice on a specific topic.

His writing style can be described as being conversational. As an author Rae strives to have a one-to-one conversation with each of his readers, very much like having your own personal self-development coach. Rae is known for having a wry sense of humour that features in his publications.

Author of Self-Help Downloadable E-Books. Recently recognized as a Top Writer for 2018 at Quora.

Toastmasters: DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), ACG (Advanced Communicator  Gold), ALB (Advanced Leader Bronze), CTM/CC X 16.

Rae has served in all club officer roles, multiple times. 

As well, Area Governor X 2/ Division Governor X 2/ D21 LGET (Lieutenant Governor Education & Training)/ District Governor (Theme: Attitude = Altitude) / Past District Governor/ D21 Webmaster / Spring Conference 2014 Co-Chair.

Rae is currently serving as D21 Public Relations Manager & Webmaster.

He has been the back-bone for Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters Club #723, his home club, for many years. 

Here is sample of what you can expect. 

Top 15 Networking No-No’s by Rae Stonehouse, Author of Power Networking for Shy People: Tips & Techniques for Moving from Shy to Sly!, recorded in October 2015 at a meeting of the Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters club.