Education Sessions

District 21 Spring Conference Educational Program
Saturday April 22nd

9:40 AM

Green Timbers 1
Choose Your Words Wisely: The Art of Using More Powerful Language
Margaret Page DTM ID

In business and in life, words matter! Join Margaret Page to learn proven strategies to help you and your fellow club members overcome wishy-washy language and replace it with powerful, precise and effective language.

Green Timbers 2
Leaders as Champions of Change
Mary Morrison DTM

How often have you heard people don’t like change? Mary will help you discover when and how leaders use resistance techniques to confirm, inform, affirm and transform team members and club members into champions of change.

Green Timbers 3
Challenge Membership
Jim Marquardt DTM

Does your club struggle to meet its minimum 8 members? Join Jim as he shares some tried and true methods that have helped to grow membership in his District.

10:40 AM

Green Timbers 1
Make the Mic Your Friend
Audrey Pope ACG

Learn and practice microphone use and improve your vocal exercises with Audrey.

Green Timbers 2
The Secrets of Building and Sustaining Vibrant Corporate Clubs
Pat Johnson DTM PID

Corporate Club member? Interested club coach, sponsor or member? District Leader? This interactive session Pat will reveal the secrets to building successful corporate clubs.

Green Timbers 3
What’s Your Leadership Style?
Richard Kunz ACS

Richard will use music to help you identify your individual style and build a personal action plan for Leadership growth.

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