R & Aarrrrrr After Party Event (Saturday Evening)

Fellow D21 members … our Grande Adventure continues …



Picture yourself and your fellow Toastmaster friends, pulling into a calm, beautiful tropical port for some R & Aarrrrrr!

Saturday evening, after supper… it’s time to party!

Come dressed for supper as you if you were going on a cruise to a tropical island.

Think Gilligan’s Island!

Here is a link for our younger members to learn who Gilligan was and for those of us old enough to remember …. but can’t


Are you a Ginger … a Mary Ann? Maybe, you are more the Professor, Skipper or even the Gilligan type?

Then again, if you aren’t the type to set out on a three-hour sight-seeing tour on a charter boat named the Minnow, perhaps you see yourself more as the swash-buckling pirate type?

We all have our inner self-image fantasies!




Saturday night’s alright … For partying!!

We are celebrating some really-big milestones, including over 70 years as a Toastmasters District.

There will be a photobooth to capture memories of you and your team celebrating.

Of course, there will be cake! It’s a party!

After the Afterparty, the partying continues with DJ John Byrne shaking the dance floor with sure to get you up and dancing music.

If you are looking for a quieter time, but there is no guarantee on that, there is our Hospitality Suite, sponsored by Doug Anderson and Pacific First Dental & Healthcare Plans.