Keynote Speakers


Jana Barnhill

Jana Barnhill, DTM, Accredited Speaker was elected Toastmasters International President at the 77th annual International Convention held August 13-16, 2008, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  She was only the fourth woman to serve as the top officer of the organization.

An active Toastmaster for 24 years, Jana has been named Outstanding Club President, Division Governor and District Toastmaster of the Year.  She is a Past District 44 Governor, having worked with a team that led D44 to the #10 District in the world and she served as International Director from 2002-2004.
Jana has been recognized for her speaking skills as well, being a five-time winner of the District 44 International Speech Contest, and going on to place 3rd in the World Championship of Public Speaking in 1993 and 2nd in 1996.  In 1997, she became only the fifth woman in the organization to earn the coveted Accredited Speaker designation.
Professionally, Jana is a speaker/trainer for L.I.V.E. Speakers, Inc., a company she owns with her husband.  She conducts seminars throughout the United States on management topics; including communication and leadership, team building, managing change and personality traits.  She delivers keynotes and also serves as a speech writer and coach to other professionals.  She has written for different magazines and was quoted in the Wall Street Journal following President Obama’s first inaugural address.
Jana is active in the community with the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, has served on several Boards including the Lubbock Community Theater, Lubbock Women’s Club and is active in her church.  She loves spending time with friends, theater, shopping, Christmas, shopping, movies, travel, anything fast, Disneyland (has gone at least once, sometimes three times a year since 1991), entertaining and…shopping!
Jana Barnhill sessions
Step Up!
Toastmasters International affords us the opportunity to achieve our full leadership potential. However, it’s impossible to do so without going beyond our daily, comfortable routine. This organization needs your leadership. Your community needs your leadership. Past International President and Accredited Speaker Jana Barnhill will share how important it is for you to Step Up! and take the Leap to Lead!

Why did you come to Toastmasters? Was it to overcome a fear? Your employer advised it? Invitation of a friend? No matter the reason you signed that application and joined your Club, you set yourself on a journey. A journey that will not only fulfill your initial need, but one that will take you places you never intended or dreamed you would go. In this keynote address, Past International President, Accredited Speaker Jana Barnhill will share her journey and show you first- hand how Toastmasters will take you on a journey that will, before you realize it, give you many reasons to Celebrate!

Margaret Hope

Margaret Hope, DTM has a Masters Degree in Speech Education, is an Internationally Accredited Professional Speaker and the author of You’re Speaking – But Are You Connecting? As a professional speaker she delivers speeches at various conferences and events, creates and delivers workshops for client groups and offers private speech coaching.
Margaret has been a TM member for more than 41 years, she is a Past International Director and a member of three clubs.  She is currently serving D21 (and D96) as Remote Club Officer Training Coordinator.
Previous conference delegates tell us her sessions are always intensely practical and rather a lot of fun.  Enjoy a hands-on learning experience with Distinguished Toastmaster, Margaret Hope.
Margaret Hope sessions
Friday evening – “Be a Host, Not a Guest” or “getting the most from this conference”
It’s safe, it’s exciting and it might just be the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Learn to make the most of this conference and a multitude of other social and business experiences as you explore the power of conversation. Share your best ideas. Gather ideas and solutions to take home after the conference. Learn how to bring out the best in others. Discover your own easily-remedied conversational mistakes. Maximize your Conference experience with Marg Hope.

Saturday morning – Breakfast Basics
“My evaluator said I need better gestures but I don’t know what she meant.”
“My evaluator said I should use evocative language but he didn’t tell me how to do that.”
If you’ve ever had an evaluation (or given one) that identified a problem with voice, body language or vocabulary – but didn’t offer tips for improving, this session on delivery basics will give you the tools you need to self-evaluate and self-correct. Join D21 Toastmasters right after the breakfast for this hands-on workshop. You’ll leave better able to help others in your club and able to improve your own performances by yourself.
Hate to get up in the morning? Wish you hadn’t partied quite so hard? Let Marg Hope energize your day and send you off with skills that will catapult your speaking and leadership experience.


Education Session Speakers

Gerard Devine Photography

Identify and Improve your Leadership Style

Richard Kunz

Session outline:
What’s your leadership style? What about your boss? Through music, words and exercises you will learn more about common leadership styles; and, how to improve your skills. We’ll help you identify your individual style and how to build a personal action plan for Leadership Growth.

When Richard joined Toastmasters 14 years ago, he had no idea it would give him the confidence to pursue another passion – jazz music. Now, he has blended his passions for jazz music, public speaking and business management into a new consulting concept named JazzMind (www.jazzmind.net). Leadership, Collaboration and Innovation for the Digital Age. (Photo courtesty Gerard Devine Photography)


Your Pathways to the Future

David Hobson, Districts Chief Pathways Ambassador

Unless your head has been buried in the sand for the last year or so, or you are a brand new member, you will know that the Pathways Learning Experience is coming our way and will have an impact on your future communications and leadership activities.

This will be the biggest and most radical change in education provided by Toastmasters International in its 90+-year history. It will combine the current communication and leadership tracks into 10 clearly defined paths. Each path will have 5 levels leading to an award of ‘Proficient’. Combining proficiency in two paths with various administrative roles will lead to DTM.

The Pathways program has already begun to roll out and will be coming to District 21 in the Fall of 2017. This presentation by David Hobson, D21 Chief Ambassador, will show you exactly what the Pathways program will look like, how it will operate, how conversion from the current system will impact you and, how the roll out will affect you and your club. David will also emphasize the importance of Pathways Guides and show how volunteering for that position can positively enhance your personal goals.

As the old saying goes, “the only constant is change”. The change is coming; it is going to be great and it is going to really enhance your Toastmasters learning experience, influencing your life in so many positive ways. Come and learn the facts and be excited for the change in your Pathways to the future.


Choose Your Words Wisely: The Art of Using More Powerful Language

Margaret Page DTM ID

In business and in life, words matter! Strong and precise language can elevate your ideas, eliminate misperceptions, and launch your team, your pitch, or your career in the right direction. Watered-down words, though, can drown your ideas and muddle your intentions, regardless of the quality of thought behind them.

In this ed session, Margaret Page will help you recognize those generalizations and distortions that weaken your language and delay your path to success. You’ll learn to weed out words and phrases that fail to deliver the impact you’re seeking. You’ll become aware of language that discounts the value of you and your ideas. And you’ll leave with proven strategies to help you and your fellow club members overcome wishy-washy language and replace it with powerful, precise, and effective language.



Make The Mic Your Friend

Audrey Pope ACG

“If I can’t be heard, you can’t be understood”
When Audrey joined Toastmasters her voice went 3′ in front of her and sunk to the floor like a stone. In a Speech Contest Audrey finally projected her voice to her Toastmaster friends sitting at the back of the room. Since that time she has delivered this workshop to many people and helped them increase their effectiveness. Believing that we learn best when we are having fun, Audrey looks forward to hearing your laughter in this action packed workshop.

In this participatory workshop you will learn
– exercises that improve Vocal Control,
– factors that affect vocal control
– voice projection with and without a microphone,
– techniques for using various microphones



The Secrets of Building and Sustaining Vibrant Corporate Clubs

Pat Johnson

Corporate clubs are a unique commodity within our Toastmaster community. Many of these clubs experience difficulties within a year of chartering. But it doesn’t have to happen that way. Pat has also observed the direct opposite – corporate clubs that thrive and enjoy longevity. So what’s the secret?
With over 60% of our current clubs being in the corporate environment, it’s time to explore some of those “secrets” that can be put in place to make a huge difference and reduce the workload for everyone.
This interactive session will support you if you are a current corporate club member, an interested club coach, or a potential corporate club sponsor.
Bring your experiences and questions to share. Help us reveal the “secrets”.



Leaders as Champions of Change

Mary Morrison, DTM, Past Region Advisor
Candidate for International Director, Region 1

How often have you heard people don’t like change? Yet leaders serve as champions of change! Turning resisters into champions takes courage and skill. Discover when and how leaders use resistance techniques to confirm, inform, affirm and transform team members and club members into champions of change.

Mary Morrison, DTM, joined Toastmasters to help a friend win a membership contest. Hooked on Toastmasters, her leadership journey includes serving as District 32 Governor (2012-2013) and Region 1 Advisor (2014-2016). This year, Mary seeks to serve members, leading and learning together, as a candidate for International Director, Region 1.



Challenge Membership

Jim Marquardt, DTM

Does your club struggle to meet its minimum 8 members every renewal time? Do you feel like it is simply impossible to get enough members to become distinguished?
• Why does it even matter?
• Who’s job is it?
• What’s in it for me?
• Where are the resources?

Jim was district director of District 9 in the 2015-2016 Toastmaster year, leading the district to Distinguished status. He has been in Toastmasters since 2007 and today will share some of the tried and true methods that have proven successful for his district as well as for Toastmasters everywhere. And he will lead us to ‘think outside of the box’ to find ways to grow membership in our clubs.